Collection: THE $10 SERUM

Top-shelf quality facial serum formulations for JUST $10.00.

Mix and match your favorite serums for seriously glowing, firming and radiant skin. Unbelievable quality and effectiveness for the price of a fancy cup of coffee. Women are skipping the hype and mark-up of skincare products found in department stores and switching to The $10 Serum!

Jump on The $10 Serum bandwagon and get amazing skincare for a fraction of the cost you can find anywhere. 

  •  Make Your Skin Look Younger
  •  Make Your Skin Look Firmer and Smoother
  •  Make Your Skin Appear Brighter
  •  Diminish the Appearance of Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  •  Revitalize the appearance of Tired Looking Skin
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  • LymeplexPLUS Power Pack
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