Why You Need To Ditch Your Commercial Deodorant

There are literally thousands of synthetic chemicals on store shelves in our grocery stores, but information about how these chemicals affect us wasn't available to us until God created the World Wide Web.

check your ingredients in deodorant

WE HAVE ACCESS TO LIFE-SAVING INFORMATION....if we open our eyes and minds to alternative options. 

Despite the fact that they’re added to food, personal care products, and household cleaners, many of these chemicals have never been tested for safety. SHAME ON YOU, FDA. 

We feel one of THE MOST important health & beauty products you MUST ditch today is commercial deodorant!

5 Reasons To Ditch Conventional Deodorant

1) Aluminum

Many deodorants and antiperspirants – including some “natural crystal” deodorants – contain forms of aluminum, which inhibit perspiration. This controversial ingredient is classified as both a genotoxin and hormone disruptor.

It was found in one study to “change the way breast cells divide, even at low concentrations. Aluminum levels in nipple aspirate fluids were compared in breast cancer patients versus healthy control patients. The cancer patients had significantly higher levels of aluminum, and researchers concluded that the “reasons for the high levels of aluminium in NAF [nipple aspirate fluid] remain unknown but possibilities include either exposure to aluminium-based antiperspirant salts in the adjacent underarm area and/or preferential accumulation of aluminium by breast tissues.”

2) Triclosan

Completely-nasty Triclosan, the ingredient which Minnesota banned (yay for Minnesota - they are not just NICE -  they are SMART) over concerns that it may contribute to the formation of superbugs. Studies indicate that this chemical, which is used in everything from toys to toothpaste, may disrupt normal thyroid function and alter hormones. (My hormone can get disrupted enough, thank you). 

3) Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol (PEG) is a penetration enhancer, which means that one of the things it does is help other chemicals get deeper into skin. So yeah, there’s that. And also, it is classified as a Moderate Hazard by the Environmental Working Group www.ewg.org.

(FYI: Tom's "natural deodorant has Propylene Glycol)...just saying...read the ingredients. 

4) Parabens

Breast cancer most often occurs in the upper outer quadrant – just under where women rub deodorant on. In a 2012 study,  99% of breast cancer samples that were analyzed contained parabens – a common ingredient in deodorants. Some say there is no link and that the increased rate of cancer in this quadrant is because it contains the most epithelial tissue. However, it is interesting that in places like Scotland, the rates occurring in the upper outer quadrant went from 38.3% in 1980 to 54.7% in 2001. “Any increase in the disproportionality of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant would be inconsistent with an explanation relating to the greater amount of target epithelial tissue in that region but does parallel the increasing use of cosmetics in the underarm area,” write the study’s authors. (source)

5) Fragrances

Thanks to a loophole, companies can hide all sorts of nasty chemicals under the label “fragrance” without disclosing them. In one study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, nearly half of the ingredients in the fragrance products they tested were not listed on the label.

Many of these ingredients are phthalates (which some studies have linked to diabetes, obesity, cancer, fertility problems and developmental disorders), known neurotoxins, and chemicals likely to stimulate an allergic reaction.

Oh, and get this, even “‘unscented’ products may contain masking fragrances, which are chemicals used to cover up the odor of other chemicals.” (Source: Campaign For Safe Cosmetics)

Ready to make the switch?

I promise, it’s easier than you probably think...a little prepping those pits may be the first line of defense in switching to a natural deodorant.

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