5 Reasons You NEED an Armpit Detox

Say what you will about the world wide web. It is time-consuming, full of fake news and we have to endure many posts about peoples cats.

One thing is for sure, though. We have the ability to use reputable sources to INFORM us on the greed of huge corporations, and what some of these corporations have been putting in our commercial body care products for years. 

PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. One simple change in your skincare routine could possibly prevent future diseases. 

Did you know? It only takes 26 seconds for chemicals from personal care products to enter your bloodstream? Yike. Choose Wisely!

NOT TO BE NOSEY, but how many years have you been using commercial deodorant? Whoa, you're getting up there. Let's reflect - shall we? Take a moment to think about how many chemicals you have been putting on top of the most important lymphatic pathway in your body.


  • Have strong body odor?
  • Your arms are irritated or bumpy?
  • You apply antiperspirants throughout the day to stop the stink?
  • Your underarm lymph nodes are swollen or tender?
  • You are having a heck of a time transitioning to natural deodorant...rash, irritation, stink, sweat....

Antiperspirants clog the natural detoxifying sweat glands, creating build-up and poisons to linger around unwelcomed. Those toxins are like the guest who won't leave - they not going anywhere if you keep bringing them more chips. Meaning...slapping on more and more poisons day after day with sweat-blocking technology creates an enormous accumulation of dangerous chemicals in your body.    

use pit-tox armpit detox to detox chemicals under arms                                                           


Armpits are both the body's entry & exit points. After years of using commercial deodorant, many chemicals have been absorbed by the skin. An armpit detox will help pull out some of the chemicals and toxins stuck in the skin, tissue and lymph nodes under the arm, and will prevent a possible reaction which occasionally accompanies the switch to a natural deodorant.

Our suggestion??

Use a high-quality underarm detox kit. Two we love...

pit-tox underarm detox paste



armpit detox kit



   The most effective way to remove toxins and old commercial deodorant chemicals from your underarms is by clearing and detoxifying the lymph nodes and underarm area. By clearing out the old junk that has been clogging your pits, and creating a clean and bacteria-free canvas, you just set the stage to use natural deodorant - for your health!


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